Miss you girlies. <3

Missing you two (although I -Heather- visit your blog everyday aka stalk it.) <3

Why did you close the blog ? But i'm respect your choice

Due to our busy bee lifestyles.

Whenever I see that you've posted on this blog I get happy, but then I realize you guys aren't posting confessions which make me sad. I miss you guys and this blog. I wish you nothing but the best in life. love you guys & thank yu for everything you've done. Thank you for not letting the hater's get to you and continuing withthis blog, I wouldnt of been able to of continued.

We love you

Almost everyday I look at this blog, and miss it so much, but I truly respect the decision of closing it. Please never delete the blog though, I'd miss it way too much.

We won’t. This we promise, however I (Heather) is now apart of http://ringsidedivasconfessions.tumblr.com/ so be sure to go over there and say Hi to us :) also thank you for respecting our decision :)

I was wondering if u can follow me bc I had account before but I can't remember to get in it and I had to started over and lose all of mine followers, I love ur account so much and could u give me a shoutout

Sure we’ll follow you, just a heads up that we don’t use this blog anymore

Where's Kiera

Kiera is traveling around the world. :)

I miss your blog! COME BACK!!!

We miss you too! HOWEVER we WON’T be back! Sorry; Wish we could

Just a post to say that we AREN’T accepting ANY admins… This blog is closed and will be closed for good. We aren’t giving this blog anyway to ANYONE; there’s other blogs on this blog so therefore we cant and won’t give this blog away.

We are sad that this blog has closed; however though there is a confessions blog on the net for diva confessionshttp://ringsidedivasconfessions.tumblr.com/

Much love

~ Heather

I was sorta wondering if I could get a shout out to my blog? is basically info and updates about Summer Rae along with videos, posts and basically anything about Summer is on the blog

Go and follow them guys!!!!

Hey Kiera! How's your stupid ass trips? I'm glad you're retiring no one liked you because your unprofessional towards hate. You call people cunts instead if being a adult. You know it will be best to give the blog to someone you trust instead you want to shut it down completely. Stupid bitch. Have fun on your stupid vacation bitch!

Hi, It’s Heather here answering on behalf of Kiera….

You know the person that said cunt, wasn’t actually Kiera, you should stop assuming things. Anon sent it to the wrong blog; they should of sent it to thetotaldivasconfessions. (which is why they closed down, i hate that word cunt)

And we’ve explained why we can’t give this blog away and I’ll explain again, we can’t give this blog away simply because there’s other blogs on this. And you’re basically saying that Kiera isn’t being an ‘adult’ because you think she said cunt? well what are you hiding behind anon and sending in hate, next time yeah come off anon…

On another note, you jealous of Kiera? sure sounds like it.

it's alright and thanks :)

send us a link pls :)

Yay your retiring!!!!

If you’re gonna ‘insult’ us, atleast do a spell check :)